L.A. Kitchen

The L.A. Kitchen is a non-profit seeking to lower the rate of unemployment, food waste, and hunger in the greater Los Angeles area. Once a year, they hold an anti-gala fundraiser called Shared Plates. For the event, individuals host a dinner at their home, make a meal, and invite friends who donate an amount chosen by the host to The L.A. Kitchen. The L.A. Kitchen planned to allocate funds toward advertising on Instagram and Facebook to drive participation in the event and increase brand awareness. The organization brought me on to create an advertisement that would be relevant across multiple platforms, especially Facebook and Instagram. Using best practices from Facebook, we crafted a video with an emphasis on mobile viewing utilizing bright on screen text to make sure that the message was communicated without audio, a diverse cast of recognizable community members, engaging backdrops, and a specific call to action.


Feature 1

Outcomes: L.A. Kitchen raised $100,000 dollars over the course of a weekend through dinners hosted by volunteers in the community, many of which joined the fundraiser from paid advertising on Instagram and Facebook. AND Jeff Bridges shared the video across his social media channels, which is the highlight of my career. 

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